About Mr. Currys

  • Mr. Currys was founded as a hobby & community effort to share our centuries old family recipes with the world, with the vision of promoting diversity in small/medium communities around the world. Our goal is, taking something as simple and essential as food and as exotic and alien to many around the world as CURRYS and then creatively introduce them to provide a life-changing experience to many in the small/medium communities around the world, who otherwise miss-out something so fresh, healthy, and deliciously different.
  • We are providing this exposure and experience in the communities to put an end to our stereo typical thinking of things and people we are not exposed to.
  • Another key goal of Mr. Currys Restaurants is the practical implementation of our (Anoth Group's) business Principle that"Doing business is a privilege to serve communities with our unique products and services at a very reasonable, lowest possible price to the people, communities, and the society at large.


........this is why our prices are surprisingly so LOW for the high quality products we serve